Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Post Evaaaa!

Oh look at me, I'm ridiculously excited right now.

I wanted to start this whole thing off with a bit of a disclaimer...that being noted, here we go:


This blog is intended to shed some light on the things that I enjoy as a young 20-something year old woman. Those things namely being:

  • makeup
  • hair
  • fashion

(in no particular order)

But see now...I am not just any type of 20-something year old woman...I am a platinum blonde, fair-skinned (but always striving to be tan), 5-foot-6-inch, 135lb (size 4 in US), 34A cup, 20-something year old woman. I wanted to share my love of all things complimentary to my physical composition and hopefully those other ladies special enough to have some of the same attributes as I do will take something educational away from it. It was much harder than I thought to find sites on the web that catered to the girls in this world who are built like me. From my personal experience, most makeup blogs/tutorials on the web are hosted by girls of the Asian persuasion or by girls who are naturally brunette or darker- skinned. And while there is nothing wrong with that, I found out the hard way that things that look good on them don't look good on me.

I wanted to have my little blog be something that the "me's" of the world can relate to. Because as everyone knows...BLONDES DO IT BETTER.


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